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- Available from November 2019 -
A web-based solution for organizing the daily timetable.

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Get all information about the substitution planning

The advantages of WebUntis Substitution

With WebUntis Substitution planning, you can instantly respond to changes, and anyone can access the timetable and substitution plan from anywhere.

Report sick via mobile app

Teachers can now report absent directly through the new WebUntis app. The absence will appear directly in the substitution- planning and as a planner you immediately see what needs to be done. Teachers can leave a note for the person who is substituting for each missed lesson.

Release the substitution for the colleges

WebUntis will notify you immediately if there is a new substitution. Using the built-in push notifications, you as a planner, can also ask the colleges if they can substitute.

100% FIT

Knows the class Knows subject math Would be at school anyways

Find a suitable replacement Quick and easy

Get immediate information about possible substitute teachers, such as: is the teacher available at the desired time, does the teacher know the students, does the teacher have the ability to teach that subject etc.

Fully integrated with WebUntis Messenger

Dismiss further communication channels and WhatsApp groups. Thanks to WebUntis Messenger, all school communication can be done via the smartphone.

- Available from November 2019 -

About WebUntis

Involve your teacher colleagues - and all of you will benefit!
Online timetables, ressource planning, class register, substitution planning, messenger, and many more.

Rely on our many decades of experience

Wether it’s complex timetables, managening of digital class registers, coordination of parent-teacher-days, resource and room planning or planning of break supervisions, Untis and WebUntis can help you with all these demanding tasks with custom-made solutions, and that for more than 45 years.